Thursday, May 14, 2009

Child-Friendly Food Ideas

It may seem hard to find food for children to eat who follow this diet. Here are a few suggestions for the little ones.

Sunflower seed butter is a great substitute for peanut butter, and makes a very yummy "peanut butter" and jelly sandwich.

Dried cranberries (with no trigger preservatives) are a wonderful substitute for raisins.

Grilled cheese sandwiches can be made with high-quality american cheese from the deli.

Hormel makes an all-natural sandwich meat that comes in a brown box. It can be found with other sandwich meats at your supermarket.

After a child's headaches are more under control, it may be safe to try fresh mozzarella cheese every once in awhile. Mozzarella is one of the less-aged hard cheeses, so it has less tyramine. Be careful not to give too much, though.

Fresh fruit and vegetables are always a good choice, but stay away from citrus fruit, bananas, and others on the list of trigger foods, as these contain tyramine.

I hope this helps. Does anyone have any other ideas?


  1. Heidi- I see your forward from the dr. It looks great!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog : )

  2. Thanks for commenting on mine!

  3. Is Jello an ok snack? I'm getting conflicting info on gelatin as a possible trigger. Thanks for your help! p.s.... just bought your cookbook! So excited to get it!

  4. Hi Shanda. Thanks for your purchase, and thank you for posting. Yes, jello is most likely safe. Gelatin is a possible MSG alias, but be more skeptical of it in savory, meaty items. Beware of jello with real citrus juice or citrus fruit in it, and it MIGHT be safer to make it the old fashioned way instead of in the already prepared cups. Other than that, I would say that foods like jello and marshmallows, and other candies with gelatin in them (without citrus), are fairly safe.

  5. Thanks so much! I was careful to buy only "Berry" flavors and such instead of citrus flavors, but then I saw "Gelatin as a possible MSG alias" and I was afraid I had made a mistake!

  6. Hi! I've ordered your book from Amazon and am waiting for it in the mail!!

    Here's my question: I wanted to make rice crispy treats for me and my family. I know rice puffs are ok. Wasn't sure if the brand Kelloggs Rice Crispy's was ok since it has malt flavoring. I'm assuming it's ok since it's not a savory flavoring. But I also want to know if marshmallows are ok too? Above you said maybe ok?