Saturday, May 30, 2009

Why do studies say migraineurs don't suffer from trigger induced migraines?

The answer is simple. The studies were done by removing only one trigger, or maybe a few triggers from the body at once. They were not done by removing all food triggers at the same time. So, there were still triggers in the body to cause havoc, in which case the migrane sufferer would not improve, except in a small percentage of cases where the threshold level would lower enough to provide relief. This tells me that triggers do pose a problem, if removing them in that fashion still helped 25% of people!

To lower your migraine threshold, you must remove all triggers at once in the beginning (which means strict adherence to the diet), then add triggers back in one at a time after you feel better. Each trigger must be eaten over a period of several days, because it can take up to two days for a trigger to affect a person. It does not have to cause problems the same day it is eaten. This way, you can decide exactly which foods are your triggers. The diet can be liberalized later on after these steps have been done. Dr. Buchholz explains the diet in detail in his book.

If you have not had the pleasure of reading Dr. Buchholz's book yet, then you are probably not healing like you could be. I can not recommend his book strongly enough. Best wishes.


  1. lots of great blogs. i've come across sources saying a reaction can actually take up to 3 days(from a dietician, a food scientist, and an allergist).
    Now that i'm on Buchholz's diet - i finally get few enough migraines to spot even those delayed reactions.

  2. It's amazing how much the program helps, isn't it? I was hardly ever without a headache until following his 1-2-3 program. It sounds like you know the feeling. I would love to know the sources you speak of. Feel free to email them to me, if you would like. :)

  3. I did the diet for 2 months & now I get occasional headaches where just Aleve works & I'm off Topamax. Before I had to take Topamax, multiple Advils [max dosage allowed] & still had a migraine. Thanks for the advice.

    Realized that sunlight, MSG & nuts were my triggers. I already knew I was sensitive to sunlight but not the others. So no more Chinese food, soy or nut products for me.

    Now I'm trying Weight Watchers since I get to eat normal foods again. This bk helped alot.

  4. I'm so glad the 1 2 3 Program helped you. I love to hear success stories! Thank you for posting.