Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Cortical Spreading Depression

Here is a great research article on cortical spreading depression. Note the many references at the bottom of the article, which you can also find online. Some have said that there is no debate over whether cortical spreading depression is a cause or trigger for migraine. This simply isn't true. Cortical spreading depression does happen, but there is still debate in the neurological community over whether it is a cause or trigger for migraine. However, there is much evidence to support the theory that cortical spreading depression may very well be a trigger for some types of migraine, and even that there are genes present in some of us that make us more susceptible to migraine (as has been believed for awhile). Whether cortical spreading depression is connected to migraine or not, food and medicines still react in our bodies chemically, and we should be aware of what we are ingesting, as long as we do it correctly.

Here is another article posted by Diana Lee on about a recent research study done specifically on migraine without aura. Notice that blood vessel flow is... important... in the findings of this research.

There is still much to learn about migraine, and nothing is yet set in stone. I hope you enjoy your reading.