Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Migraine-Friendly Fast Food?

There really isn't any migraine-free fast food. However, Chipotle is not nearly as bad as a burger and fries or chicken nuggets with dipping sauce. Even a grilled chicken sandwich at a fast food restaurant can be an MSG bomb. Chipotle makes everything from scratch with high quality meat, and everything is free of additives or preservatives. It's true! Check their website. The meat is marinated in a chipotle pepper adobo, which probably contains citrus and vinegar. Remember, though, that some of that is cooked out again when the meat is grilled, and it is still MSG-free. What you have to be careful with are the toppings. Sour cream and avocado contain tyramine by nature, and the salsas have a lot of onions and vinegar in them. The refried beans are cooked with bacon, so that is a definite NO! Even the corn has onions in it. I encourage you to check the Chipotle website to find out what is in every food they serve, then order accordingly. I wouldn't eat Chipotle very often, and especially not in the beginning stages of the diet. Remember, the diet must be strictly adhered to in the beginning for it to work, so chipotle adobo marinade isn't going to help you. However, later on as a special treat, or when you are in a real pinch and don't have any food with you, Chipotle may be a suitable fast food option. The best option is to make your own food.


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  2. Pretty good post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts.
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  3. Thanks, Rich! I post from time to time. Working on a recipe at request right now, and hope to have it up soon. Thanks for the nice comments.