Tuesday, April 13, 2010

More Buchholz-friendly websites

More people are sharing their favorite recipes!

Helena's blog is full of recipes and great advice for those suffering from migraines, and also for their friends and family. Be sure to visit.

Bill's blog is designed to help if you are trying to navigate the diet with few cooking skills. He gives some great tips!

Ricky's quest is to find migraine-friendly food that follows Dr. Buchholz's diet, and she has posted some of her own favorite recipes on her site.

Elodie, a professional chef, has started her site at this address so that we may all heal our headaches with food.

David posts tyramine-free recipes, and they are usually free of preservatives as well.

Here is a Yahoo! Group you might find helpful and supportive.

If you have a site like these and I am unaware, please let me know so I can share.


  1. Hello Heidi,
    I found your blog looking for low tyramine diet information. I am undergoing chemotherapy and one of the drugs is an MOAI. Our blogs are similar in many ways and since I like to cook I was including recipes that my wife and I have either adapted or found elsewhere. Anyway I saw your recipes for enchiladas and chicken fried chicken and would like to adapt/use them with your permission. Actually the enchilada recipe is a friend's for the sauce but your stuffing sounds like it will work for me. I'll include references to your website and blog. Appreciate what you are doing for others. If you are interested in checking out my blog the url is http://lymphomafamilyandfood.blogspot.com/
    Thank you.
    David Koller

  2. Yes, I visited your blog and it looks great! I am more than happy to let you use my recipes. I do ask that you reference my site as you mentioned. I will be checking your site often, as the recipes look like ones I may be able to enjoy as well. Do you mind if I add a link for my followers? I wish you well with treatments and healing.

  3. Thank you. Feel free to add any links you wish.
    - David

  4. Heidi ..wonderful to have found your blog.I have had success eating the right food and eliminating estrogen laden foods from my diet.I would like to use some of your recipes on my website if possible.I am still learning how to get it all together so I would like to put a link on my site to your blog.
    Thanks again for some wonderful information.. - Sharon

  5. Hi Sharri, please email me at host@migrainefreecooking.com. I'm sorry it took me so long to respond. I can't see your website by clicking on your name.

    Thank you.

  6. I have a site I would like to share. It has recipes, reminders and my long story of finally finding the right doctor and the correct diagnosis for "Silent" migraine. It took several frustrating years. I also have a shopping list. All of this is based on "Healing Your Headache". Thanks for all your help. Spinning Girl www.spinningtalesandtastes.blogspot.com

  7. I have started a blog with my thoughts and recipes. I have had to eliminate dairy, eggs, beans, wheat, citrus, most nuts, tomatoes, apples, bananas, chocolate, caffeine, as well as all the food additives to get rid of my migraines. Thanks for the possibility of sharing my site: peanutfreemigrainemom.wordpress.com.